Trust Services

We provide Corporate Trust Services to assist companies with debt trusteeship, escrow agent services, and voting trust services.

Integral to any debt undertaking is a clearly delineated understanding of the terms of an offering, including issuer obligations and compliance responsibilities. ensures this level of understanding by providing debt trustee services and agency services for issuers of corporate securities. These services include support for long, medium, and short-term, secured and unsecured, convertible, senior, and subordinated debt.

As your debt trustee, will work in partnership with your team to ensure that transactions comply with your company’s legal framework. We will help you achieve your financing goals and ensure proper administration of compliance issues and day-to-day activities. 

With Trustee Services, we serve as the link between your company and your debt purchasers to ensure smooth performance of your debt agreement. We spend the time needed to deliver the unique debt services your business requires.