In 2013, Sheri Kaiserman published the first Wall Street analysis of Bitcoin’s value. And while “The report didn’t explicitly recommend buying the cryptocurrency, it did say huge gains were possible— and investors who dove in that day have seen a more than 600 percent return.” 5 years later, Kaiserman left her position as Wedbush Securities Inc.’s Head of Equities to co-found, a blockchain-focused investment fund and advisory firm.

The Founders Network members only forum, noticed several discussions between founders asking if they should be incorporating blockchain technology into their product.

They tapped Sheri’s expertise for a breakdown of the blockchain landscape from a founder’s lens. Read on for her thoughts on:

  • 5 major implications of The Blockchain
  • Why founders need to know how the blockchain will impact their startups
  • How to determine if blockchain technology is right for your startup
  • What blockchain investors are looking for
  • An assessment of the hype around the technology

Source: Is Blockchain Right for Your Startup? | Founders Network