CORPORATE COMPLIANCE INSIGHTS | What the Technology May Mean for HR

How do you manage and pay your employees when they’re stationed all around the globe? With a decentralized workforce, you quickly find that extensive international regulatory red tape makes managing global employees difficult. How can can a company remain compliant in every jurisdiction while keeping employees paid and happy? The answer might be blockchain.

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HRO Today | Blockchain in Beta

Monique Black, Principal Advisor, Talent & Co-founder of Management…While the emergence of blockchain may disrupt or revolutionize the business world, the demand for qualified blockchain talent is exploding amid a limited global talent pool. HR professionals need to learn how to attract and retain these in-demand blockchain professionals.

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HUMAN RESOURCE EXECUTIVE | What You Need To Know About Blockchain-based Solutions and HR :

“Blockchain is a great opportunity for HR professionals,” says Monique Black, head of talent and HR services at investment firm, describing blockchain as “a tamper-proof system of record.” “Blockchain can be instrumental in making HR processes more effective, whether it’s identifying job candidates or validating credentials.”

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