Advisory Services collaborates with emerging, blockchain-enabled companies to curate, develop and accelerate minimum viable products. In addition, partners with established companies seeking to introduce blockchain technology into their business models.

Advisory Framework

1/ Conceive

Workshops to educate, discover and prioritize blockchain opportunities within existing business and service models.

Perform analysis and deliver recommendations of project priorities, beneficial partnerships, talent acquisition and budget.

2/ Design

Drive opportunity prioritization through a rigorous design and development process to produce a minimum viable product (MVP).

Deliver detailed architectural design including a framework and roadmap, investment assumptions, target markets, beneficial partnerships and “early-adopter” customers.

3/ Build

Configure, operationalize and identify business rules and features to migrate the solution.

Develop and present a release plan for market entry, driven by results and budgetary discipline (i.e. time and money).

4/ Grow

Realize early customer feedback to ensure the offering’s ability to meet return assumptions through market testing.

Partner with sales and business development to identify additional opportunities for growth within new and exisiting businesses frameworks.